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U14 Evaluation Results

By Chuck Schuster, 10/07/17, 5:15AM CDT


U14 Evaluation Results:

Bantam A Bantam B1 Bantam B2
4R 6R 3R
38R 7R 5R
8R 27W 22R
24R 20W 25W
37R 34B - LN 26W
23W 32B 15W
24W 16B 34B - SA
12W 12B 13B
15B 29B 31B
17B 14B 11B
40R G-Kellenberger 30B
22W G-Kohlhepp G-Urfer
Coaches will be reaching out to the players shortly.
Next weeks practice schedule will be posted today.  Good luck this season!