Rental Equipment

Our equipment rental program for 1st year players (8U Mite and 6U/8U In-House) is available for a small fee, which includes a fully refundable deposit on the equipment (the deposit will be refunded to the family when equipment is returned in good condition at the end of the season).  Rental equipment includes helmet, shoulder pads, breezers, elbow pads, shin pads, gloves, and bag. Skates, stick, and athletic supporter are not included, but EYHA may be able to offer used equipment. Mouth guards are required at 10U Squirt and above, and are recommended at the younger levels as well. Neck guards are also recommended.


Player uniforms are needed for games and can be purchased through our Jersey/Sock Coordinator, Amanda Heins,  by August 1st. Please secure your number prior to ordering your jersey! Once your number is secured, you can order your jersey at (If additional jerseys are needed after this date, loaner jerseys will be used, as supply permits.

* 8U Mite through 14U Bantam levels will need an EYHA home (white) and away (blue) jerseys and EYHA socks.

* 6U In-House players will need an EYHA blue jersey and EYHA socks.

Uniform requirements for all players 10U Squirt and above: White helmet, Royal Blue gloves, and Royal Blue breezers.

Royal Blue breezer covers will be available for purchase during Eagle Days in August.