Volunteer Policy:

Our association is a volunteer-run program and relies on all its members – Click here to view the volunteer requirements. Families are responsible for understanding the policy. See information below regarding volunteer fees



Players fees are the lifeblood of EYHA with the majority of the fees going directly to pay for ice costs and referees.  Fundraising efforts also play an important role for additional player development to help provide for such things as professional skating instruction, non-parent coaches, goalie training, equipment purchases, and other items. Each family is asked to reach goal of $100 net proceeds from fundraising activities or pay a $100 buy-out fee.  Our annual fundraiser is the Pick Your Trip raffle with the drawing at the WAHA State Tournament hosted by EYHA in March each year.

ADDITIONAL Opportunities: 

EYHA offers numerous additional opportunities throughout the year to help families offset the costs of ice hockey. These include: 

  • Wreath Sales
  • Scrip Rebates
  • Referral Credits (for new player families)
  • Coffee Sales