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A Message from EYHA Saftey Director

By Charlie Larson, 10/22/20, 12:15PM CDT


Hello Fellow Elmbrook families,

I hope everyone is excited for what is sure to be a uniquely challenging, but hopefully successful and still wonderfully fun hockey season!

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the Volunteer Safety Director of EYHA, as I was asked by the EYHA board to help in this position this year.  I am Mike Cada, and I am a primary care physician in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. I work in an outpatient clinic in Brookfield for a local hospital system. I am the dad of 3 boys in our program (Mite—Vince, Squirt—Dominic, and PeeWee—Zach).

The main part of my role, it seems, will be helping us as an organization and our families to navigate the complicated world of COVID that we are all forced to deal with presently.  Additionally, I will be helping monitor significant injuries like concussions that we hope to avoid this season but may come across from time to time. My role is not to serve to give specific medical advice regarding illness management, and therefore everyone should work with their own personal physicians regarding specific disease treatment.

I think it is safe to say we ALL share a common goal to keep our kids safe and hopefully for them to play (and us to watch) as much hockey as possible this season. The policies that EYHA has implemented are aimed with these things at the top of the list. We all know of the high levels of COVID ongoing in Wisconsin recently, and of course the ice rink is not the only at-risk exposure location we face. Our efforts are to limit the risks to our kids and families whenever we can though (at the rink and hockey associated events).

EYHA policies have been distributed already regarding expectations for the season to minimize COVID risks. These policies will likely need to be revised as the year goes on considering we are dealing with an ever-changing world around us. Currently the expectations as detailed in the policies regarding arrival / departure processes, mask wearing, minimizing locker room time, optimizing spacing are all geared to decrease COVID risks.  These policies apply to our players, coaches, volunteer helper positions, and all of us as parents / spectators. 

Waukesha County Health Department is aware of our organization and has reached out to me regarding player health and safety. We will continue to work with the health department regarding contact tracing as needed. I have unfortunately already had to be in contact with some families and the health department this season as we navigate COVID cases and exposures.

Please contact me at any time if you have concerns regarding your own players or close contacts that may affect teammates or others in our organization. The information we receive regarding individual health remains private but is used for purposes of maximizing safety of the others at risk. We want to look out for each other’s health within our organization.

If there are any medical conditions that we should be aware of regarding your hockey players and modifications for their safety — please update the medical information history that all families submit with their registration. Examples include chronic illnesses and allergies. 

As a physician I can say with 100% confidence that masks do reduce transmission risk of COVID (as well as other viruses like Influenza). I ask that everyone take this seriously and follow our policies regarding masks in the building and distancing guidelines — so that we can maximize our chances of a long hockey season and sustained good health.

I wish everyone a healthy, safe, and fun hockey season, and I welcome any questions or concerns as they arise.


Mike Cada