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Pre-Skate and Evaluation Times Set

By Charlie Larson, 09/13/21, 4:45PM CDT


Here is the schedule for pre-skates and evaluations for the 2021-22 season. Please note a few things regarding this schedule:

Below please find the schedule for pre-skates and evaluations for the 2021-22 season. Please note a few things regarding this schedule:

  • Each age group has two pre-skates available. These are not required, but they are highly recommended as EYHA coaches will go through the drills that will be utilized during the evaluation process. Please note that some groups have BOTH of their pre-skates on Saturday, September 25.
  • When necessary, groups are divided alphabetically for both pre-skates and evaluations. Please make sure to attend your assigned session as these groupings allow for even numbers on the ice. 
  • All co-ed levels are split into non-alphabetical groups following day one of evaluations. These groups will be posted to the EYHA website following the conclusion of the first day.
  • Players signed up for U10/U12/U14 girls teams should only skate during those sessions, not during the co-ed U10/U12/U14 sessions.
  • These schedules will be posted to the EYHA Calendar, but they will not populate in your SportsEngine calendar because no team assignments exist.
  • Practice jerseys will be distributed to each group on the first day of evaluations so please allot for additional time to pick them up prior to going on the ice. Practice jerseys will NOT be handed out prior to this. 
  • U8 players are not involved in this round of evaluations. They will have their evaluations later in October.

Questions regarding pre-skates or evaluations should be sent to EYHA VP/On-Ice Greg Copeland at

Pre-skates by Date

Wednesday, September 22

5:00-6:00P - U12 Girls

6:10-7:10P - U10 Group M-Z

7:20-8:20P - U10 A-L

8:30-9:30P - U14 Girls

Saturday, September 25

7:00-8:00A - U10 Girls

8:10-9:10A - U12 Girls

9:20-10:20A - U10 A-L

10:30-11:30A - U10 M-Z

11:40A-12:40P - U10 Girls

12:50-1:50P - U12 A-L

2:00-3:00P - U12 M-Z

3:10-4:10P - U14 A-K

4:20-5:20P -U14 L-Z

Sunday, September 26

7:00-8:00A - U12 M-Z

8:10-9:10A - U12 A-L

9:20-10:20A - U14 L-Z

10:30-11:30A - U14 A-K

Monday, September 27

8:45-9:45P – U14 Girls @ Pettit Center

Evaluations by Date:

Monday, September 27

5:10-6:10P - U10 A-L

6:20-7:20P - U10 M-Z

7:30-8:30P - U14 A - K

8:40-9:40P - U14 L-Z

Tuesday, September 28

5:10-6:10P - U10 Group 1

6:20-7:20P - U10 Group 2

7:30-8:30P - U12 A-L

8:40-9:40P - U12 M-Z

Wednesday, September 29

5:10-6:10P - U10 Girls

6:20-7:20P - U12 Girls

7:30-8:30P - U12 Group 1

8:40-9:40P - U12 Group 2

Thursday, September 30

5:10-6:10P - U10 Group 2

6:20-7:20P - U10 Group 1

7:30-8:30P - U14 Group 2

8:40-9:40P - U14 Group 1

Friday, October 1

5:00-6:00P - U12 Group 2

6:10-7:10P - U12 Group 1

7:20-8:20P - U14 Group 2

8:30-9:30P U14 Group 1

Saturday, October 2

12:20-1:20P - U10 Girls

1:30-2:30P - U12 Girls

2:40-3:40 - U14 Girls

Sunday, October 3

11:30A-12:30P - U14 Girls